Pawtuxet Village

There are very few places in America that can make claim to the charm, uniqueness  and heritage that can be found in the village of Pawtuxet.  Hazel Wade Kennedy and Scott Avedisian, in their The Walking tour of Historic Pawtuxet Village. (1999), noted that, “Whether walking along historic Post Road or strolling through Pawtuxet Park, visitors will easily feel the Village’s sense of pride.

They were, of course correct as Pawtuxet is one of the most attractive villages in New England.  It is unique in the fact that one section of the village is in Cranston and the other in Warwick.  Unlike other Warwick villages, it is situated in an area away from the 19th century mill sites and 20th century major arteries of trade and traffic.  Thanks to its location and a number of historically minded citizens, much of Pawtuxet exudes the charm and serenity of an early 19th century village.  To make it even more special, Pawtuxwet has a number of fine Colonial dwellings and significant historical sites.   

The picturesque sign at the bridge today, which simply states "Pawtuxet River-one of the bounds of Providence mentioned in the Indian deed", depicts a rather pleasant scene of Roger Williams being greeted by the Indians.  The history surrounding the early 17th century settlement, however, tells us that the early years were far from serene.  From the beginning of its long history, Pawtuxet was rife with controversy, deceit, forgery and even treason.  

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