In 1875, when Oliver Payson Fuller wrote his excellent, informative History of Warwick, he commented, "To the east of Pontiac, a couple of miles on the Stonington railroad, a thriving little village has sprung up with the past ten years, in connection with the establishment of a new branch of industry."

He was referring to Hill's Grove, an area that was then becoming important as the home of the Rhode Island Malleable Iron Works, established by Thomas Jefferson Hill in 1867.  During the next century, Hill's Grove would be changed to Hillsgrove and became more famous for the Elizabeth Mill (1875) and the State Airport (1929 31).

Today it is at the center of Warwick's fast developing industrial area.

1 Thomas Hill creates a new village in Warwick
2 The sisterhood of enterprising villages
3 Elizabeth Mill - an important addition
4 Paternalism extends to the church
5 Sunday school meant fun
6 Early church fundraisers
7 The Hillsgrove Methodist Church continues as a positive force in Warwick
8 United Methodist, a positive force
9 St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church
10 The selection of Hillsgrove created a furor

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