Location: 400 ft north of IVES RD at TEL pole # 18  

10 burials with 1 inscriptions from 1852 to 1852

30ft x 45ft in fair condition no enclosure; sign not installed yet

NOTE: In 1725 Dr. James Greene built his homestead on lot 17, Div. I, later the Paul Greene residence, and later the William Goddard estate (includes the present Potowomut Golf Club lands.) from "History of Potowomut" by George Lawrence 1977.   Mrs. Anne A. D. Ives purchased the Paul Greene Farm from the heirs in 1862. She later sold the Paul Greene House at Potowomut to her husband's nephew, Thomas P. I. Goddard.  He remolded the house and at his death it became the property of his brother, Col Robert H. I. Goddard who enlarged it and called it Thornecliffe.      

100 ft southwest of the club house at Potowomut Country Club.                                                 

This cemetery has been recorded and checked.

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