Location: 300 ft west of COMMONWEALTH AVE

12 burials with 11 inscriptions from 1822 to 1861

50ft x 35ft in fair condition enclosed with a stone wall; sign not installed yet

NOTE: Arnold visited this cemetery 18 Sep 1893; Vol 1 Pg 486-492.  "On farm south of Gov Sprague farm at Natick, west side of the road, lot walled and in good order, neglected."  Mrs Herbert Tillinghast 1926 "Webster Knight Farm Natick."  Benns #384 Surveyed and registered by John Sterling in 1995; heavily overgrown with briars and poison ivy.  On the property at #211 Commonwealth Ave.  

The wall of the cemetery can be seen behind the chain link fence, on bank behind the first building south of Murray's on Route #2.                                                      

This cemetery has been recorded and checked.

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