Location: 400 ft north of MASTHEAD DR & POST RD

11 burials with 10 inscriptions from 1733 to 1843

40ft x 40ft in good condition no enclosure; sign not installed yet

Tax Assessors Map #: Plat #: 366   Lot #: 64    

NOTE: Arnold visited this lot 31 Aug 1890; Vol III pg144.  On farm owned by Col Amasa Sprague, formerly Ladd farm, poorly protected, fair cond. between railroad and 'celebrated watering trough'.   Behind Masthead Apartments on the NE corner of Masthead Dr and Post Road.

According to Fuller in his "History of Warwick" (1875) the gravestones and remains of Capt John Drake and his wife were moved into the old Caleb Ladd burial lot, "about an eighth of a mile to the northward, many years ago by Mr. Jonathan N. Peirce, who owned the lot at the time."                                         

Registered in 1994 by Amy Hoyle, David Williams & Michelle Williams.                                          

This cemetery has been recorded and checked.

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