Location: 2800 ft south of CENTERVILLE RD - ROUTE 117

25 burials with 21 inscriptions from 1814 to 1904

55ft x 55ft in poor condition no enclosure; sign in good condition

Tax Assessors Map #: Plat #: 239   Lot #: 7     

NOTE: James N Arnold recorded this lot 17 Sep 1894; "On Dr Gideon Spencer's farm, fenced, neglected." 300 ft south of Royal Crest Estates building 31/32 on Cedar Pond Dr.  It is on the highest hill beyond the parking lot and can be seen from the road when the leaves are off the trees.  It is 30 ft west of WK138.  It can also be reached from the Little Rhody Beagle Club on Cowesett Rd.                                         

This cemetery has been recorded and checked.

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