Location: 150 ft south of MAJ POTTER RD at TEL pole # 19  

6 burials with 2 inscriptions from 1823 to 1846

20ft x 20ft in poor condition no enclosure; sign missing

Tax Assessors Map #: Plat #: 224   Lot #: 6     

NOTE: James N. Arnold visited this lot 16 Jul 1892, Vol 2 Pg 337; Coweset Ave south side of road in corner of lot unprotected.  State registration directions:  Go 3000 ft on Maj. Potter Rd from Love La.  Enter field at gateway where cable strung and go 500 ft.

Since the cemetery is now 150 ft south of Major Potter Rd. it is likely the stones were moved as the land was developed.  The gravestones are leaning
against trees behind #364 Major Potter Rd.  Both stones are badly broken and Mary's is almost completely destroyed.

This cemetery has been recorded and checked.

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