Location: 400 ft east of 566 SPRING GREENE RD

12 burials with 11 inscriptions from 1708 to 1777

45ft x 20ft in good condition no enclosure; sign in good condition

Tax Assessors Map #: Plat #: 314   Lot #: 16    

NOTE: There is also an unknown Portuguese sailor buried here who died of small pox and could not be carried into the port of Providence.  James Arnold visited this lot 17 Aug 1890, Vol 4 Pg 17, "on the Spring Green Farm a short distance north east of the farm house, fence in need of repair, yard in fine order."                                         

In the 1930's Henry A. L. Brown, the current owner, remembers a fence of locust poles and wire.  It was removed about 1944.  The first four slate gravestones were all carved by John Stevens I of Newport.  They are all lettered in lower case.  John Stevens used upper case until 1712.  They
all have his classic skull with wings design.  He used that design until 1716.  These gravestones were probably all ordered and made at the same time, probably in 1714 or 1715.                                                                                              

This cemetery has been recorded and checked.

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