Location: 100 ft northeast of STRAWBERRY FIELDS RD at TEL pole # 44  

25 burials with 18    inscriptions from 1816 to 1877

50ft x 60ft in very poor condition no enclosure; sign missing

Tax Assessors Map #: Plat #: 342   Lot #: 430   

NOTE: Arnold visited this lot 4 Oct 1891; Vol 4 Pg 171.  On the Elder Littlefield farm NW of Old Warwick on the plains and in the rear of the house on knoll surrounded by woods, well walled, good condition. Enter at NEL pole #44, drive to end of road past a small pond and follow fence to cemetery.  Inside a barbed wire fence secured area.  Must get permission to enter. Can also be reached from Industrial Dr.  Heavily vandalized.  Broken monument and 2 badly broken slate stones were all that could be found in 1995.  The 5 Budlong stones have been removed to Brayton cemetery in 1995.  Several of the Littlefields were removed to Swan Point Cemetery in Providence.                                                                            

This cemetery has been recorded and checked.

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