Warwick Oral History

Do you have any memories of Warwick during the Hurricane of '38?  Maybe you remember stories from your grandparents about farming life in the Town of Warwick in the early 1900's.  Do you know of any legends or myths from Warwick's past that would make anyone's hair stand on end?  Perhaps you would like to share your memories of Rocky Point or a Saturday night at Sholes?

Beginning in early Spring 2012, the Warwick Digital History Project will begin scheduling audio recording sessions throughout the city.   At these recording sessions, equipment and assistance will be made available to any individual who has a story to tell about the history of Warwick, Rhode Island.  These oral histories will then be uploaded to warwickhistory.com and made available to all who have an interest in the rich traditions, legends, and tales of our great city.

Please continue to visit the Warwick Digital History Project for updates and schedules.

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