United Methodist, a positive force

The Hillsgrove United Methodist Church on Kilvert Street has taken on new meaning during the past decade.  As the congregation continues in the twenty-first century, the church moves on with increased vigor.  As in the past, the church has been blessed with a number of dynamic and caring pastors. 

In 1991, the Rev. Kenneth Miner, who had succeeded Dr. Darrell L. Walton as pastor, went to Oak Bluffs on Martha's Vineyard.  His successor was the Rev. Edwin Jones of South Africa, who while studying in the United States, attended the Southern New England Conference of the United Methodist Church in 1991.  He made such a favorable impression on Bishop Herbert Skeete at that time that the Bishop invited the Reverend Jones to become pastor at Hillsgrove. 

The Reverend Jones’ tenure as pastor brought the church to new heights awareness of the Methodist movement in other areas of the world.  In 1995, the Reverend Jones took a group from Hillsgrove and other Southern New England Methodist churches to visit South Africa.  This resulted in the development of friendships that continue to grow to the present time.  During the Christmas season in 1997, a group of twenty-two South Africans came to Warwick as guests of the members of the Hillsgrove United Methodist Church.  These South Africans were the famous Reignbow Gospel Group singers who sang in churches throughout New England.

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