Timeline of Warwick History (1642-present)

Against the backdrop of world events

1642-- The English Civil War begins (the rise of Oliver Cromwell)
--------- Warwick founded by Samuel Gorton through the Shawhomett (Shawomet) Purchase.
1648 - Warwick granted a charter by Robert, Earle of Warwicke
1654 - Purchase of Potowomut from Taccomann
1675 - King Phillip's War
1687 - Isaac Newton publishes The Principia outlining his universal law of gravity
1692 - Salem Witch Trials
1696 - Addition of Pawtuxet lands
1741 - Creation of the Town of Coventry
1756 - French and Indian War / Seven Years War (ends 1763)
1750 - Creation of Kent County (Towns of Warwick, Coventry, E. Greenwich, and W. Greenwich)
1772 - Burning of the HMS Gaspee
1776 - American War of Independence begins
1778 - Battle of Rhode Island
1783 - American Revolution ends with the signing of the Treaty of Paris
1790 - Rhode Island becomes the 13th state
1793 - Eli Whitney invents cotton gin
1815 - Napoleon loses the battle of Waterloo
1835 - Photography invented
1842 - Dorr's Rebellion
1861 - American Civil War begins
1863 - Warwick native, Brigadier General George Sears Greene, commanding the 3rd Brigade (2nd Division, 12th Corps) totalling less than 1500 men, defends Culp's Hill and holds the Union right against greatly superior numbers of Confederates from the afternoon of July 2nd when the 12th Corps is withdrawn, through July 3rd 1863 and is a major factor in General Meade's defeat of General R.E. Lee at the Battle of Gettysburg.
1865 - American Civil War ends
1893 - Construction of Warwick Town Hall
1903 - Wright brothers take flight
1913 - Creation of West Warwick
1914 - World War I begins
1917 - America enters WWI
1918 - World War I ends
1919 - Dedication of World War memorial on the grounds of Warwick Town Hall
1921 - Warwick establishes first permanent police force
1929 - The Great Depression begins
--------- Construction of Rhode Island State Airport at Hillsgrove
1931 - Warwick is incorporated as a City
1932 - Election of Pierce Brereton as First Mayor
1938 - The Great New England Hurricane smashes into Warwick
1939 - World War II begins
1941 - Pearl Harbor attacked and America enters the war
1945 - World War II ends
1950 - Korean War begins (ends 1953)
1951 - Kent County Hospital opens
1954 - Hurricanes Carol and Edna strike Warwick
1956 - Warwick establishes its first permanent fire department.
1957 - First earth-orbiting satellite, Sputnik I is launched by the Soviet Union
1960 - Hurricane Donna
1963 - President John F. Kennedy assassinated
1964 - Warwick Public Library is opened
--------- U.S. congress passes Tonkin Resolution, authorizing presidential action in Vietnam
1969 - Apponaug Mill fire, the worst fire in Warwick history
--------- Neil Armstrong becomes the first man to walk on the moon
1972 - Knight campus, Community College of Rhode Island is opened
1973-- Quonset Point Naval Base closes
--------- Vietnam War ends
1978 - Great Blizzard of 1978
1990 - Buttonwoods Senior Center opened
1991 - Rhode Island credit union collapse
--------- US Victory in Operation Desert Storm
1996 - TF Green Airport completes $210 million expansion
2001 - Warwick holds several vigils for the September 11th attacks
2003 - Warwick provides logistical, police, fire, and rescue support to West Warwick for the devastating Station Nightclub Fire

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