Warwick, England. Our Sister City

WARWICK, a municipal and parliamentary borough, and the county town of Warwickshire, England

Warwick offers to visitors today the opportunity of exploring not only the architectural gems of medieval history but also those of its more recent past and the modern vibrant life of the county town of Warwickshire.

Warwick (Warwic, Warrewici, Warrewyk) is said to have been a Roman station, and was later fortified by Æthelflaed, the Lady of Mercia, against the Danes around 914 AD. By the time of the Domesday Survey, Warwick was a royal borough, containing 261 houses, of which 133 were in the kings hands, while 19 belonged to burgesses who enjoyed all the privileges they had had in the time of Edward the Confessor. William the Conqueror granted the borough to Henry of Newburgh, who was dubbed Earl of Warwick, and in all probability built the castle on the site of Æthelflaed's fortification. This impressive fortification is built on a small hill which controlled not only the river valley but also the river crossing on the road to London and the roads to Stratford, Coventry and the salt way to Droitwich. In fact, Warwick Castle is one of the most dramatic and complete medieval castles in England. It has been inhabited continuously since the Middle Ages, and was the home of the Earls of Warwick until recently.

The medieval core of the town was prevented from expansion by the open spaces that surround it: the Common and Racecourse, the grounds of the Priory, St Nicholas Meadow, the River Avon, and later, Warwick Castle. Within a relatively small area there are many buildings of historic interest, of which the Castle is the most important.

Many of the central streets of the town were destroyed by the Great Fire of 1694. The buildings which were burnt, and many which were not, were re-built in the handsome style of the late 17th and early 18th centuries. St Mary's Church, which dominates the surrounding countryside, had a new nave and tower at the same time.

Several important medieval buildings survived the fire and can be seen to this day, notably the town's medieval Guildhall, now the Lord Leycester Hospital, as well as a group of timber - framed buildings around Oken's House.

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